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Story of Julie Jewels Smoot

Like many people, it took me a while to discover my passion, talent, and purpose in life. For years, I had nothing on my horizon. Everything changed when I got personal healing through Reiki Jin Kei Do and sound healing.

After serving meritoriously in the US Navy with three medals and two ribbons, helping the Girls Scout of the USA, Blounts Creek, NC, achieve significant growth as a Business Manager and an impactful stint as a Preschool Photographer, I realized that I still had unchecked goals and passion for helping people with my talent.

Changing careers wasn't isn't easy, but I was excited by the sense of fulfillment that comes with helping people discover their true purpose while balancing mind, body, and spirit. In this journey, I have acquired at least five certifications as a practitioner and teacher using sound healing as proven therapy to treat general physical ailments and create harmony between the body and mind.


I am a certified Sound Healer and Reiki Jin Kei Do Practitioner guiding people on journeys of re-connection and self-discovery and helping them achieve a natural state of balance and harmony. Through my company, Healing Hearts, I apply Reiki Jin Kei Do therapeutic methods to correct and harmonize destructive/negative processes and support my clients to make the most of their lives.

As a Nia White Belt, Green Belt, Blue Belt, and Brown Belt, and Nia Floor play teacher, I am more than eager to help people with personal development and activating compassion for themselves.

When I am not advocating therapeutic wellness, I am taking astonishing landscape photographs in Cary, North Carolina or spending time at Smith Mountain Lake, or am at a beach.

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