Bio Acoustic Sound Healing Session

Updated: Oct 11

In our Bio Acoustic Sound Healing Session, we focus on fine-tuning your body and mind using Bio Acoustic Sound. The power of sound as a healing modality has been used for thousands of years to help balance systems and organs while achieving a more harmonious emotional state.

These sessions help you reach health and wellness as part of your journey of healing and reconnection. I support you through the therapeutic process of self-discovery as you move toward the ultimate state of oneness: balance and rejuvenation.

Why You’ll Love the Bio Acoustic Sound Healing Session

Our Bio Acoustic Sound Healing Session is a non-invasive alternative treatment using sound frequencies to balance your organs and bodily systems. It's a therapeutic approach that effectively penetrates to the cellular level to trigger ripples on the microscale.

Research has shown that Bio Acoustic Sound Healing can naturally renew and relax your body. It’s an innovative approach, and you will see and experience the positive results for yourself. These powerful sessions address and support your physical and emotional health and wellness.

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As a certified Sound Healer and practitioner of Reiki Jin Kei Do, I help you tap into Bio Acoustic Sound to achieve sound healing and harmony. You’ll love the healing relaxation with the demonstrated influence of form and function!

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