Sensual, Sexual Awakening

Sometimes calls from the universe are loud

and an awakening begins to happen,

Sometimes the call from the universe is

so loud that one cannot ignore it,

Sometimes there is a major change in energy

and are not sure what to do with this energy

because it has been so foreign to me, and I have totally

detached and dissociated from anything to do sacrum and sexual energy,

Sometimes one must be willing to take steps to go

further on the journey because the right people

show up in my life at the right moment,

Sometimes there are little steps,

Sometimes there are big steps,

Sometimes there are gigantic

steps in coming back and

reclaiming what was taken away from you,

Sometimes there is going to a pelvic floor

physical therapist and allowing myself

To go through the examination,

Sometimes there is allowing myself to sleep

all day since so much emotion was moved and released,

Sometimes there are setbacks,

Sometimes there are other voices telling you

things that are not true and have to go deep

inside to hear the voice that is plainly

calling one to do this healing journey,

Sometimes there is shaking and crying,

Sometimes there is anger and rage,

Sometimes there is yelling,

Sometimes there are flashbacks and nightmares,

but one is determined to heal the body memories,

Sometimes there is telling the men who hurt me

to get the hell out of my body memories and aura,

Sometimes there is needing to be held to be

comforted by the intense emotions that are running through me ,